Auvo Severinkangas

Founder & CTO

About Auvo

I have 28+ years of experience on software architecture, product manamgement and business development.



Several architecture & Technlology lead positions during my 28+ year career

Web & Mobile

Modern JavaScript technologies; Angular, Vue.js, Ionic.

IOS & Android

Several IOS and Android projects in Health & Wellness segment.


Node.js, Java EE, LAMP.

Example projects

A System for all-round project management for agile projects and software. Utilizes smart data gathering and analytics to display important data. Included connections to external services. Data visualization in graphs and in SVG graphics.

JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, HighCharts, d3js, Chart.js

Architecture, design and development

Health and diabetes data visualization and data gathering via Android phones communicating with a bluetooth device. The gathered data is visualized in graphs on the web for both medical professionals and patients.

Java, Android, Bluetooth, Node.js, JavaScript, Node.js, HighCharts, MongoDB.

Architecture, design & development.

iPhone and Android client for a wellness service solution. The iPhone & Android clients application manage local image and image metadata storage and synchronizes information with a clustered service backend, which provides RESTful JSON APIs.

Ionic, Node.js, MongoDB

Architecture, design and development