Rapid custom software development

Because you need it.


Fixed sized & fixed priced software development.
FrontEnd: Angular, Ionic, Vue.js, IOS, Android proejcts
Bacend: Node.js, MongoDB, PostreSQL, MariaDB, Amazon AWS, Google Firebase

Core expertice

Angular, Vue.js

Responsibe, progressive web apps. We use the right tools for the job. We know what we are talking about. Seriously. Period.


Rapid innovation and delivery - we know how to make it happen. Years of expertice with Node.js and best libraries for Node.js.

Ionic Framework

Hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. Stunning performance, visual experience and most importantly; rapid delivery.

IOS & Android

That's about 98% of the mobile market share. Big enough market for you. And it there isn't an app for that, we'll create it for you.

Core Team

Joni Lehto

Partner & Senior Software Architect

The uncompromising one - part of Craspp since 2006.

Auvo Severinkangas

Founder & CTO

Founded Craspp in 2001 - does coding every day!